5. Randomly Reward New Participants




Golden Ticket


May 9, 2023

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There's so much competition in terms of getting attention. Over $512 billion spent on digital advertising globally.  

  • Low Conversion Rates
  • Traditional Advertising is Cold
  • People are Numb to Call To Action
  • No Incentive to Participate


Incentivise participation from the get go by rewarding the sharer immediately. Providing a good reason to share it forward with friends, passing on the opportunity to a friend. Potential viral growth.

We reward participants with the initial onboarding experience.

A new user may be rewarded with a golden handshake of £1000 simply by participating. A friend recommends content, and the participant may randomly win a Golden Ticket.

Golden Ticket

A Golden Ticket is an emergent function based on Organic Sharing on Sqale. When a user shares content on Sqale, they also give money (in the form of Credits). A Golden Ticket is simply a share with a high credit-value, eg 100k Credits (equivalent to £1,000). 

How It Works

When a card is shared on Sqale as a 'Social Share', a link is created for the card. When the link is hit by a non-user, and they Accept the offer, our system picks a person at random who is offering Social Share. In most cases, the amount is the same. However, the content-creator or any sharer can create a Golden Ticket, that is by sharing the card with a large Credit amount. For example, if there are 1000 people participating in Social Share, of which 999 are given with 100 Credits and 1 is given with 100,000 Credits, then a new user has 1/1000 chance of winning the 100k Credits (equivalent to £1000).

Do This

Sequence of actions to set up a Golden Ticket

Link card to your content. Settings allow you to control how users share and support your content. Remember your Description will be the first thing seen by people who have been Quick shared with. 

Edit the card, navigate to the Edit Product/Project card, and flip the toggle of Social Sharing to ON. This means that when someone hits the link, the share will be chosen randomly from everyone who has done a Social Share. 

Create a Limited Share link with eg 100 participants with 100 Credits (total is £100 equivalent). Create a single Limited Share with eg 10,000 Credits (total is £100 equivalent): this is your Golden Ticket. This means that when anyone hits on the link and accepts, they have 1/101 chance of getting the 10k Credits with their content.

Encourage Golden Ticket adoption using the following techniques


Although you may have already created a Golden Ticket yourself, ask your community to create one themselves.


Reward people who have added Golden Tickets by sharing something special with them.


Join the Open Meeting to learn from other content-creators who have successfully enabled Golden Ticket.