Improve our social wellbeing...

... by learning together.


We want to do things better. We are using the network-economic tool of Sqale to reconfigure how we do business.


What are the equivalent practices of marketing and sales, content delivery and 'the close', or business meetings when we all work in the same 'office'?


Everything is different, but we are all here to get things done... together. How we do this depends on you.


We are pioneers. Welcome.

Power Usecases

Based on the underlying economic platform provided by Sqale, we are pioneering the following usecases.

Have an idea?

Let’s make it happen!

We have one shot of improving our global situation: we learn to use a social accounting system that supports our humanity.

David Pinto

Co-Founder, Sqale

Combines sales and marketing into a single user action. That's revolutionary for me.

Andrew Clyne

Co-Founder, Sqale

The most unique value recovery mechanism for content I've ever seen and one that might actually work.

Simon Wardley

Researcher, Leading Edge Forum

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