1. Viral distribution and revenue generation for any digital content.






February 1, 2023


Even with time and money, getting heard in a loud marketplace is hard and unpredictable. Breaking into a market costs, customer retention is challenging, and that's with a unique experience, service or product.

  • Loud marketplace, repeatedly paying to be noticed
  • New to market, promotional costs
  • High customer churn, low loyalty
  • Innovative product, service or experience


Generating real and lasting relationships. Reaching people who are bombarded with approaches and offers, who are often highly sensitive to being sold to, and sceptical of news sources, authorities, brands. Overcoming the disillusionment of authentic and ethical claims.

We find products, services and experiences we value through our network of warm and trusted relationships.

It is not about us and them anymore. It is helping each other achieve our goals, finding others who share our values, and realising our potential together.

100% Organic Sharing

There's no advertising, no marketing, no sales with Sqale. All we are doing is sharing what we think is valuable between us, and we use Credits to indicate this value in our act of Sharing. It is not a numbers game, there are no algorithms. This is 100% organic sharing between us humans, and the value of Credits we use to share indicates our trust in those we share with.

How Virality Works

When people match the amount of Credits given to them (like buying it), and share forwards with more than one person, we get a viral. The responsibility is with the Sharer to share forwards. If content is shared with 1 Credit and it is match-shared with two people within 5 mins, in less than an hour this will grow to 1,000 Credits, in less than two hours 1,000,000 Credits, and in less than three hours 1 billion Credits. Sharing with more than one person creates exponential growth in numbers of people and moneyflow.

How You Raise Revenue

One direct way to raise revenue is to enable the Support button. When a user receives Credits, instead of Sharing, they can hit Support and direct their Credits to you, the content-creator. These Credits can be converted into money.

share forward
sample viral

Do This

Sequence of actions to set up a Viral

Link card to your content. Disabling Support means that the only function users will be able to do is Share; this will accelerate your viral. Settings allow you to control how users share and support your content. Remember your Description will be the first thing seen by people who have been Quick-shared with. 

Include in your linked content a direct request to people to Share forward your content. The reason why someone looks at your content is because they trust the person who shared with them; the only reason they will share it forward is because it is great content and you ask them to.

Share with a few trusted friends, folks you feel will share forward appropriately. Quality, not quantity. It is better to share with two people who share forwards than with 10 who might.

Encourage organic sharing using the following techniques.


Nudge people by thanking them and asking them to share it forward, especially if they have valued it highly.


Reward people who have double-shared or doubled credits by sharing something special with them.

Learn & Share

Join the Open Meeting to learn from and teach other content-creators who are experimenting with their content.