Full Stack Open Business

To deliver our expertise flexibly and with maximum influence using the network-economic, we have developed a full stack approach to business practice.

Authentic Engagement

How we engage people in the traditional market economy and invite them to the network economy, and then welcome and produce social validation with moneyflow together. No sales.


Our soft-skills align with human nature.

Open Business Practices

How we organise ourselves in virtual space, how we engage and achieve mutual objectives. How to make best use of our time together. The Open Business equivalent of working in the office, or attending a conference,  or getting a 'sale'.


We put our money where our mouth is, up front.

Power Usecases

The powerful mechanisms of Virality which are more powerful than traditional sales & marketing, Fair-Share where value-tracking across a network can create a fair share of revenue, and Value-Tracking for the non-linear gathering of agendas or market research. How we manage social accountability.


We mean business, better.

Sqale Web-app

The economic functions on the Sqale web-app: Sharing content, Supporting content-creators, Thanking colleagues, Rating and reviewing content, and showing Intent towards mutual objectives. The Distribution Graph shows participants values, comments and sharing behaviour like an externalised and personalised marketing department. The Thanks Circle shows your most valuable contributors, live.

Underlying Maths

Vector-money operates differently when applied to a past/finished thing (share), or a present person (invite to a project), or a future project (conditional support). It is only ever held by an individual, and never by any organisation. Vector-money is complemented by the three personal evaluations as they are attributed to a finished/past thing (like), people (thanks), or a future project (intent).

All new business models.

Social Procedures

Sqale provides economic functions. The Power Usecases describe how they may be put together to achieve specific social operations. And the Open Business practices are the social protocols to use the economic functions and power usecases.

Full Stack

In coding, there is a tendency to specialise in one area, eg front end graphics or back end data base architecture. Full Stack refers to complete front to back, all aspects of the design.

In terms of our social practices, Full Stack refers to internal psychology, social interaction between individuals, and collective social phenomena. The nature of Open Business is to show how individual behaviour is contiguous with social result. Unlike the probability of traditional economics, and the disjunction of action and ownership, the psychological basis of the gift economic brings people together.

More Powerful

Like Elon Musk with his electric cars, we wish to show how the network economic is more powerful than the traditional exchange economic. The open business practices generate social validation and revenue generation. The desire is to go head to head with traditional sales and marketing practices, and win. 


We need courageous pioneers, people willing to try out things to see what works. To enter into the fiery furnace of advertising and marketing, and show how the tools we use are more powerful, that warm relationships are better for the transfer of high quality and meaningful content, services and experiences, that we are more than consumers in a market. We need warriors of spirit to take on the machinery and momentum of the modern world.

Have an idea?

Let’s make it happen!