Here & Now

We aim to unlock the power of now by revealing its social dimension. Are we listening to words, following concepts, or resonated with values?

0. Objects

Data, the stuff sitting around on computers, on screens, on pages. Dead stuff, but structured in a way which effects the human mind. AI already can compose text indistinguishable from human. Don't worry, this is written by a human (hi!).


Before it is too late, we need to realise our shared humanity.

  1. Words & Text

Information, the what, 'mountain'. People listening in this way are attempting to follow the logical sequence of words or their artistic use. Words are post-conscious thought, the result of conscious attention. Identifying with this representational level makes an object of our communication: literally, text.


Word play reveals our capacity to imagine.

2. Concepts & Narrative

Knowledge, the how, {mountain}. Navigating the imaginative associations that come to mind, the web of meaning. While listening, following one's own conceputal construction as it matches the presenters. This is object of thought. Often related to narrative, a sequence of events, characters and plot, stories which evoke feelings in us.


Appreciate the source of our feelings.

3. Being & Values

Wisdom, the why, (mountain). Becoming receptive to our innate sense of existence, literally making sense of the world. Something we share. Whether into the root of our individual bodies as feeling, or the spirit of our minds as intention. Listening to the respect we bring in our meeting with other, our relationality, our sense of 'we-ness'. 


We sense the world uniquely, yet similarly.

4. Here & Now

What is, enlightened, [mountain]. No thought, listening selflessly, rare indeed, where whatever has formed the individual meets the concurrent events of now with no ego, no self-reflection.


In the moving moment of now, we exist on this planet. Share and be well.

Our mutual NOW.

Power of Now

The moving moment of existence, as your eyes pass over these letters and words, and derive some kind of meaning, or discern the intention behind the words, the values which we share. 

Two to Tango

When meeting with others, how we identity with our own existence and how we follow the other, and how this matches the pairing of the other, creates a complex dance. Our meeting, even through this medium, is essentially relational. It is in illusion to think you are alone, reading this.

Reflexive Reading

Everyone who ever read this, and everyone who ever will, is at this moment (relative to the start of the sentence and its end) sharing the same experience. We might have different chronological timestamps, but between the start and the finish, we are finishing this sentence together, now. This simple reflexive condition vivifies text and video etc because we become sensitive to everyone else who ever has and ever will experience this. Here is belonging. This essential relationality may empower our efforts when reading, viewing a video, etc; what more when we gather in person?

Maths of the Moment

The underlying appreciation is that human consciousness exists in a moving movement, a micro-second which travels through time. You may be sensitive to it right now as you read this. What then, is its mathematics? What form of mathematics may reflect this conscious structure? Euler's identity gives us a clue. It was used for the mathematisation of electro-magnetic fields, and may provide a useful reflection of the four phases of the 'moment'; the preconscious phases represented above as [mountain] and (mountain), and postconsciously as {mountain} and 'mountain'. With time, we may derive a robust mathematics of our movement of mind, and since psychology is contiguous with our social phase, we may hope to derive a mathematics which signifies social cohesion. The objective is never to simulate the mind, but to derive a mathematics which a human mind may appreciate and may help improve their psychological and social condition. 


The power of now implies a static moment. A thing which passes. We notice it, and it is gone.


However, we are experiencing through time. We are a moving moment in time. We are momenting.


The fact that we are momenting, all of us, on this planet, is... mindblowing, and words like 'humanity' and 'our world' are pale representations. We can access this sense of it in the moving moment. When we interact with others with this sense, we are manifesting the social dimensionality of the power of now. Or, belonging.


Empower this with an economic which is conducive with our deeper states of being, our intentions and values, and we have an opportunity to manifest this sense of belonging amongst us in the real world. 

Non-Separate & Historic

Because of western ways of thinking, business, etc, we have a tendency to think we are separate beings, mostly because we locate ourselves to the boundary of our physical bodies. But we all know our feelings are contagious, whether in cinemas or festivals, meetings or dinner parties, and we know about viral memes through books, radio, TV, internet, whether lolcat videos or political agendas.


You, the body that you are in, is part of the network of bodies sitting in front of their phones and computers, walking streets or hills, eating, sleeping, dancing, doing whatever each one of us is doing. Whether we think about the network of our families, our friends, work colleagues, team supporters or religious members, music fans or film fanatics, city or national citizens, these are all sub-networks within the network of relations we are part of. The real and actual network of human relations, as real as (or more real than) the network of computers and websites of the internet.


Each one of us, is one of all of us.


You may think you are reading this as part of work, or in your spare time, separate from family life or whatever other social context we swim into and out of on a daily basis. We may read history books, or thumb through social media feeds, as if we are separate from history. But you are, in fact, immersed, in the flow of time.


We are part of the flow of history. We are the creators of the future. Always. Realising this, is the source of our power. Enacting it together, is world-change.

Tired of working alone?

Want a sense of belonging?