Open Business Trifecta (Fast)

A three part video invite to value, share and support Open Business Practices, for money-makers to enable a business viral and authentic collaboration.

0. Offered

You have been given money with this Open Business Trifecta by the person who shared this with you.


By watching all 3 videos, you will be participating in the first open business practice in history.

  1. Part One

Introducing the fundamental economic practices of Open Business: transforming money from form of exchange to form of intent.


You will be asked to Value before continuing with Part Two.

2. Part Two

Detailed description of vector-money and the power usecase Virality, and the Here & Now experience which transforms video.

You will be asked to Share before continuing with Part Three. 

3. Part Three

This is a non-judgemental space because everyone has previously evaluated and shared; thus we are beyond social pressures and our limited judgements.


You might want to thank the person who shared this with you, and reach out to others who have valued similarly.

4. Next Steps

It is up to you what happens next. Support Sqale, improve the videos here or create your own, or share with people you think will appreciate it. The next step is yours. At this moment, you are leading. 


Try the other approaches: Normal and Slow.

All content is live, since you are living while you experience it.

Triple Win

The viewer is invited to participate in creating three social wins. These constitute the Open Business Trifecta.

The 'first' is Valuing the content after watching Part I. This informs the person who shared the content, tells them whether it was a good idea or not: the first social win for them.

The 'second' is Sharing the content with someone after watching Part II. If they accept, then this is a social win. The fact that any viewer has accepted and begins watching is a social win; this proceeds valuation and could be called the 'first' social win, however we consider the second social win to be  relative to the person who shares.

The third social win is the consequence of sharing before part III, and state of belonging available to all the viewers, their collective non-judgemental space, and their subsequent collective action.

Power of Now

When viewing any content, the person watching or reading is living. Content is delivered in a way which de-emphasises the content-creator, and emphasises the live viewer. By reflecting on this condition, viewers come to appreciate the social dimensionality of the moving moment of now. 


When viewers share the content with more than one person, they enable a viral. For example, sharing with two people creates the sequence 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64... after ten shares that's 1024, after twenty shares that's over 1 million, and after thirty shares that over 1 billion. If a viewer shares with more money than they receive, then the viral is also financially supported. This is 'virality' or 'organic sharing'.


By creating a third part which is financed before it is viewed, we create a non-judgemental space for us. This is importance since we are facing incredibly volatile times, where we must be responsive and socially flexible to deal with the changes ahead. The Content Trifecta provides us with the means of proposing exploratively what to do given worsening events; and more importantly enabling us to explore preventative solutions so that problems do not arise.

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