Open Meeting

Open Meeting is a virtual space where we gather and commit to decisions together. Learning how to share this space, strengthens our social fabric.

0. Invite Wisely

It's by invitation only. Time and money are unified in Sqale Credits. So, if someone invites you, they are going to indicate how much they want you to be there.


Invite people you think are worth it, folks who will get it and join in. There's a world of opportunity, and the sooner we get well-meaning and skilled folks together, the greater influence we will have on our evolution.

  1. Welcome Warmly

The 'receptionist' is the most important person in the Open Meeting. Your inviter should be doing that, however it may befall any one of us.


Beyond a warm welcome, we would like to produce social validation within an hour of arriving. Record a Social Neuron so that you may find the right people for eg recruitment, employment, or partnership.

2. Gathering

Groups form for mutual goals, eg training sessions to help content-creators generate virality, workshops for teams to improve social cohesion, and other power usecases such as transitive trust, ecological listening, fellowship, golden ticket, trifecta content design.


The mode of communication is within 'professional' or 'polite' or 'respectful' standards. 

3. Deepening

The social protocols for attaining larger social objectives require a deeper sense of personal commitment, an engagement of our values and motives. When making decisions at national or global scale, we demand a more respectful listening, to both ourselves and others.


Talking a lot, or argument, or even conveying information, may be inappropriate.

4. Responsiveness

The world is changing rapidly. Our social skills of engagement require improvement. We are not interacting because of position, as representatives of any organisation. We are engaging together because we are aligned to mutual goals, fluidly. As traditional political structures stress under their own pressures, we must be responsive collectively to ensure our collective unity manifests.

We already do enough.

Why Open?

Traditional social media sites (eg FB) operate a traditional exchange based economy where our data is sold to third parties. We are customers in a market. Whether intrusive or subtle, advertising is interfering with our genuine social engagements.

We want an Open Space where we will not be sold to, where we operate a sharing economic.

What Location?

We are currently testing two virtual spaces, Wonder and SpatialChat. There are others.

The platforms will evolve with our needs, helping us find the right people, and allowing us to make the right decisions together.

How Do We Engage?

We need to learn what the social practices to engage in a world without traditional politico-economic boundaries. How do approach others in a way which is respectful, which is not intrusive? How do we make decisions together in pairs, teams, larger collectives?

Where Are We Going?

At some point, we will evolve the equivalent of the UN, where there is a 365/24/7 rolling meeting where we can participate in decisions which are important to us, locally and globally.

How do we get a seat at the table? By working with others, over time we are entrusted with longer-term and wider-scale projects. Our individual financial security enables us to be of service to longer term projects, from moneyflow of £10-hour meetings to £100-day activities, to £100,000-year projects to £1m-decade campaigns.

Is this Meta?

Meta is FB's version of a virtual world. There are others, including game worlds. We want a version where we are in control, and we are not consumers in a market. So... the meta here is -- are you up for diving into a network economic and empowering yourself and us as fellow human beings?

Would you like to join an Open Meeting?