Social Media Campaign

Sequence of single-line factual descriptions of Open Business Practices and narrative serialisation of the business practices in fiction.

Factual Description

A social media campaign which describes the Open Business practices.

Fictional Narrative

A story of four brothers who use open business practices to change the world.

Embodied Campaign

Where we are actually participating, we author our actions, and the narrative is real.

Real Social Media.

What's Factual?

A description of the Sqale economic, the steps to take to use the tool. Our social actions, as we perceive them. 

What's Fictional?

We invent a story and we know it is entirely fictional. And yet we can remember characters and events, just like after we watch a film.


Our social reality, of schools and banks and businesses and governments, have all been created by us over the years. They are fictional, but functional. Which is why, with an alternative network economic, we may change the traditional practices of business we have grown up with and have thought were perpetual. In one hundred years, our traditional behaviour will be considered quaint if not tragic.

Really Here

Describing the financial functions or the operation of Open Business, or reading a fictionalisation of characters operating and using these functions, are once-removed from our experience. We may acknowledge that when we actually use Sqale and take part in Open Business practices, we are authors of our own actions. We are writing the future we will live in, and our children will live in.

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